The CREA® is a hallmark of the real estate agency profession. A successful applicant for the award of the CREA® Certificate will be presented with the Certificate and sign the Register of CREA®.

A successful applicant is entitled to use the letters CREA® after his name.

A CREA® must abide strictly by the Code of Conduct and Ethics annexed herewith to maintain the standard of professionalism and discipline in real estate agency. Any CREA® who fails to abide strictly by the Code of Conduct and Ethics and uphold its hallmark shall be subjected to investigation proceedings initiated by the CC with or without a written complaint.

If the CC, after the investigation proceedings, has reasons to believe that the CREA® is guilty of any misconduct or in breach of any of the Code of Conduct and Ethics, the CC shall make the necessary recommendation to the SISV, who shall henceforth appoint a Disciplinary Committee consisting of such members as the SISV deems fit to conduct a thorough enquiry into the complaint.

If the CREA® is found guilty by the Disciplinary Committee after the thorough enquiry into the complaint, the CREA® shall either :

  • cease such action or take such action as required to rectify the complain within such period as directed by the Disciplinary Committee; or
  • suspend the use of the letters CREA® for such period not exceeding six (6) months as directed by the Disciplinary Committee; or
  • return forthwith the Certificate awarded or renewed and henceforth cease the use of the letters CREA® as directed by the Disciplinary Committee

The decision of the Disciplinary Committee is final and conclusive.

Minimum Criteria For Award

Applicant for the Award of the Certified Real Estate Agent [hereinafter called ‘CREA®’ ] Certificate by the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers [hereinafter called ‘SISV’] must :

  • be not less than 21 years of age at the time of application;
  • have not less than two (2) years of local relevant practical training and experience in estate agency work, preferable trained by a professional valuer or a CREA® member;
  • have either successfully completed the SISV’s Real Estate Agency Course (Revised Syllabus)[hereinafter called ‘SISV-REAC’] or any other acceptable qualifications recognised by the SISV; and
  • have a good character and reputation.