The Accredited Professional Quantity Surveyor (APQS) Designation

A. Introduction

Singapore’s nation building programme is heavily focussed on developing world class, functional, value for money facilities and infrastructure. In this regard, Quantity Surveyors in Singapore have an important part to play in serving the public, in ensuring that both private development and national infrastructure spending budgets are robust, yet prudent and that there is impartiality, transparency and accountability in the spending of private and public funds.

The APQS Designation, is a SISV Industry Transformation Initiative, to ensure that Quantity Surveyors practicing in Singapore are competent; dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of professional service excellence; and seek continuous improvement and development.

More importantly, it is SISV’s benchmark to ensure the public and Supporting Employer Organisations that APQS’s display Integrity by being accountable, transparent, fair and impartial. Whether in the public or private sector, Integrity is the core value and the foundation upon which the mission, goals and beliefs of the Public Service or Professional Governance are built. Integrity is key to the governance principle of Incorruptibility.

The Ministry of National Development has formally supported this self-regulation initiative. It is in line with the Singapore Building and Construction Authority (BCA) mandate for greater professionalism and professional workforce productivity in the Built Environment.

The APQS designation sits within the Accreditation Framework of the BCA Skills Framework for the Built Environment (SFw). The BCA recognises the professional standing, value and benefit of the APQS designation - that APQS’s are recognised by the community, industry and government as a professional and responsible contributor to the industry.

The APQS designation serves to give a high level of confidence to clients and supporting employer organisations that APQS’s are bound to the high professional standards including a Code of Professional Conduct and are Responsible & Accountable for the services that they provide.

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