Certified Property and Facility Manager - CPFM (Registered)


The Accredited Managing Agents (AMA) Scheme was launched in 2003 with the purpose of raising the level of professionalism in the property and facility management industry. This AMA Scheme, however, accredits only Managing Agent (MA) firms that offer property and facility management services. Individual practitioners may apply to be Certified Property and Facility Managers (CPFM).

New accreditation scheme for Managing Agents and CPFMs

In February 2020, BCA and APFM entered into a MOU on the framework to enhance the AMA Scheme and to prescribe the training of key operation staff in MA firms to raise the professionalism and raise competencies of MAs.

On 23 June 2021, BCA launched the new accreditation scheme, known as AMA (Registered), which we believe will be recognised by service buyers as the industry benchmark for companies providing managing agent services.

In tandem with the revamp of the AMA Scheme, the CPFM certification was also enhanced to require practitioners to enrol in 4-module training course on the legislation and practice of property and strata management. Practitioners with the relevant working experience who pass the assessment test for all 4 modules can apply to APFM to be certified as CPFM (Registered).

The launch of the new AMA (Registered) Scheme marks the integration and alignment of the CPFM certification with the accreditation of MAs.

Under the AMA (Registered) Scheme, 30% of Key Operation Staff of MAs are required to be CPFM (Registered). This percentage will be increased to 50% and 70% in the second and third year of accreditation.


The existing CPFM Cat 1 and Cat 2 will be phased out and replaced with the new CPFM (Registered) scheme. Members who are certified under the current CPFM scheme will have to pass the 4 modules to be eligible for the next renewal or for conversion to the CPFM (Scheme).

Criteria for Certification

  • Completed and passed exam for Module 1 (Legislation Course) by BCA Academy
  • Completed and passed Modules 2, 3 and 4 by SISV/APFM
  • Have a minimum of two (2) years continuous full-time working experience in strata or property management

Basic course for CPFM (Registered)

Module 1: Legislation (by BCA Academy)

Module 2: Application of Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act (by SISV/APFM)

Module 3: Building Services and Maintenance and Maintenance (by SISV/APFM)

Module 4: Communication and Office Administration (by SISV/ APFM)

Continuing Professional Development Programmes (CPD)

In order to maintain continued competence and knowledge, all CPFM (Registered) individuals are required to attend continuing professional development (CPD) courses of at least 8 hours each year after they have been accredited. These CPD courses will have to be approved by APFM’s Examination Board. Details of some CPD courses are listed in our APFM website.

Fees for Certification

The certification fees for CPFM (Registered) are payable per year. For renewal of certification, applicants are required to clock-in 8 hours of continuous professional development and training during the past one year. The fees for first-time application and for renewal are as follows:

Certification Fees per year
(excl GST, subject to review without prior notice)
Non-Members $100
For APFM Members to note:
The fees in the table above shows the amount to be paid on top of your yearly subscription fee.

Further information

Please contact the following:

Janet Han (SISV)
Tel: 6222-3030
Fax: 6225-2453
email: janet@sisv.org.sg