About AMA (Registered)

The SISV-APFM Accredited Managing Agent (AMA) scheme, launched in 2003 by the then Minister of State, Ministry of National Development - Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, was an industry-led scheme. This scheme has been running for some 18 years and has been widely accepted by management corporations, and the property and facility management industry to be the benchmark when procuring managing agent services.

However, over the years, building developments have become more complex, with owners and occupants becoming more knowledgeable of their rights and responsibilities in managing the property, living, and working environment.

Property and strata managers, therefore, need to be more competent and proficient in their work, and be equipped with the latest domain knowledge so as to provide a sustained service quality to better serve the clients’ needs.

On 12 February 2020, BCA and APFM entered into a MOU on the enhanced framework for the accreditation of Managing Agents and the requisite training and certification of key operation staff in property and facility management. The new accreditation scheme will be known as AMA (Registered) and will be recognised by BCA and the real estate industry as the industry benchmark for companies providing managing agent services.

To be accredited as an AMA (Registered), 30% of the Managing Agent’s key operation staff must undergo prescribed training over 4 modules conducted by BCA Academy and APFM/SISV Academy. This percentage will be increased to 50% and 70% for the second and third year of accreditation, respectively.

Key operation staff who pass the assessments for the 4 modules of training can apply to APFM to be certified as CPFM (Registered) – Certified Property and Facility Managers. To maintain their registration, they will need to undergo 8 hours of continuous professional development (CPD) training per year.

The joint press release with BCA on 23 June 2021 to announce BCA’s recognition of our AMA (Registered) scheme marks a new milestone in APFM’s journey in professionalising the managing agent industry.

Going forward, APFM will work closely with our members to develop the yearly 8-hour CPD training to keep MAs and their key operation staff abreast with the latest trends and best practices. This will enable our members to better maintain and enhance the built environment that comes under the care and management of APFM members.

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