The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program was introduced in January 1992 to enable members to stay ahead with developments in our profession so as to enable us to provide the best possible service to our clients and employers, and to maintain our existence as the leading authority in the field.

CPD is defined as the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skill, and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties throughout the practitioner's working life.

CPD attainment is to be a mandatory requirement for every Fellow, Member, Probationer and Technical Member to comply. Members must clock in at least a total of 60 hours in a 3-year period i.e. 20 hours per year.

Members are responsible for maintaining a record of their participation in the CPD activities in the CPD Booklet and send a copy to the Institute when so requested.

Members who have completely retired from practice and Honorary Fellows are exempted from this requirement.

Effective from 1st December 2016. *Updated as @ 20 November 2016

Max 20 CPD points claimable every year - with the carry forward to remain at 20 points.

Claim under activity C & D - member may be requested to submit a copy of attendance certificate.

Claim under activity E & F - member may be requested to present a summary of the topic of readings  

Please download the application form for CPD Units Allocation for Attending Events yet to be Approved by LSB CPD Committee: Application Form

Land Surveying Division

Annex a 

Activity Code

CPD Units

Type of Activity

Applications Summary
(See Notes for more details)


4 CPD Units for every hour or part thereof.

Speakers, open-speech, presenter.

Applicable only to presentation time, excludes preparation time.

1 CPD Units for every hour or part thereof subject to a maximum of: 5 CPD Units for 1-day event; 10 CPD Units for multi-days event.

Attending lecture, seminar, workshop, conference, technical visit.

Excludes equipment demo/training under purchase or in-house training.

6 CPD Units per year per organisation

Participation in professional boards or local institutions as board or council members.

Applicable per organisation. Examples: Land Surveyors Board, Strata Title Board, SISV etc

1 CPD Unit for every hour or part thereof, subject to a maximum 4 CPD Units per year.

Participation in discussions, meetings that are formalised in structures for working committees of professional associations and/or government agencies.

Applicable to each committee in a year, capped at a maximum of 8 CPD units.

1 CPD Unit for every 2 hours, subject to maximum of 10 CPD Units per year.

Part-time Lecturing/Teaching or Attending full-time or part-time course leading to certificate of passing exam or certificate of attendance.

Includes distance or correspondence learning. Applicable to each course. E-learning is also applicable, subject to a maximum of 10 units per year. Excludes regular lectures by full-time lecturer.

4 CPD Units per topic, subject to a maximum of 12 CPD Units per year.

Authorship of published work

Examples: Newsletter article(s), White Papers, Scientific journal publications.

1 CPD Unit per article, subject to maximum of 2 CPD Units per year.

Reading of articles, paper, textbooks, e-books.

Applicable to technical publications only. Brochures and presentations write-up do not qualify.

4 CPD Units per topic subject to maximum of 12 CPD Units per year.

Authorship of published work (i.e.newsletter).

*Updated as @ 30 November 2019. Download PDF version at :

  1. The above comes into effect from 1 December 2019.
  2. Member(s) can claim as many CPD units as he/she qualifies in a year
  3. Member(s) requires a minimum of 20 CPD Units each year for renewal of Practicing Certificate.
  4. A maximum of 20 unclaimed CPD Units each year can be brought forward to the following year.
  5. Member(s) claiming CPD units under activity A1 to note that speaker and presenter in this category refers to speaking or presenting in conferences or seminars, where the period of speech or presentation is limited to an hour, and the speaker is not typically recompensed for his/her time and effort. Member(s) shall be able to claim the maximum units for the first run and 50% of the maximum units per subsequent run in a year. Workshop refers to structured workshop with an external trainer for a minimum of 6 hours.
  6. Members(s) claiming CPD units under activity C (as a part-time lecturer or tutor) shall be able to claim the maximum units for the first run (subject to the number of useful hours spent) and 50% of the maximum units per subsequent run in a year. Full-time lecturer or tutor conducting regular classes shall not be applicable.
  7. All the above activities excludes registratiMember(s) claiming CPD units under any activities is requested to submit event program, certificate of attendance of passing, and/or presentation material (under A1), otherwise registration pass as proof of attendance. Proof of payment does not qualify. on, tea, networking, lunch or dinner.
  8. Member(s) claiming CPD units under activity E may be requested to present a summary of his/her readings
  9. All the above activities are strictly for survey related activities only. Examples of non-survey related activity: matter being discussed or presented is not related to Survey such as: Finance conference, Safety Meeting / Briefing.
  10. Random checks on CPD units claim shall be conducted. Any wrongdoing may be subjected to forfeiture of the claimed units. Repeat offenders shall be reported to the Board for disciplinary actions.
  11. Members should write to SISV for advice if they are unsure CPD units are claimable for the events they are participating.