The Law Society of Singapore Specialist Witness Directory 2012

Dear SISV members

The Specialist Witness Directory 2012 (the “Directory”) is an inaugural publication of the Law Society of Singapore to be launched in November 2012. Building and construction engineers, estate valuers, doctors, psychiatrists, forensic accountants, automotive experts – these and many more are frequently engaged by lawyers as specialist witnesses when preparing for court cases. The Directory which will contain listings of such professionals will thus be an invaluable resource for lawyers who engage in litigation (court) cases.

We would like to invite you to advertise your services as a specialist witness in the Directory where our lawyers can refer to the Directory for specialists to give a professional opinion or to testify in court cases where suitable. Prior experience as a specialist witness is not necessary in order to advertise in theDirectory.

The Specialist Witness Directory will be distributed free with the Law Society’s November 2012 issue of its magazine, the Singapore Law Gazette, with a circulation of 5,000 reaching all our members who are practising lawyers. It will also be distributed to foreign law associations in Malaysia, Australia and the UK. An online version will also be available at the Law Society’s website The website garners approximately 70,000 visits per month. All this ensures that you will receive optimum exposure and opportunity to market your expertise to the legal industry.

We have a wide range of advertising options to suit your needs and budget. For more information and for advertising rates, please click here. The closing date for booking of an advertisement in the Directory is 31 July 2012.

We welcome all enquiries. Please contact us via email at or telephone 6530 0227.

Yours Faithfully
Sharmaine Lau (Ms)
Director, Publications Department
The Law Society of Singapore