List of Real Estate Agency

These agencies provide comprehensive leasing services. Kindly contact the following for more information

Company Contact Email
Alister & Lee Properties 93669088 alister@magix.com.sg
Attic Realty 96157618 edward_lim2003@yahoo.com.sg
C&H Properties Pte Ltd 65331918 albert@candh.com.sg
Cosgrove Realty 62565898 cosgroverealty@yahoo.com
Cosyhome Realty 94504599 cosyhome@singnet.com.sg
Dennis Wee Properties Pte Ltd 63335322 chriskoh@denniswee.com
Dennis Wee Realty Plt Ltd 63335322 chriskoh@denniswee.com
DM Properties 90691069 dennistanch@hotmail.com
ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd 62262000 paulho@hersing.com.sg
GreatStar Realty 67429926 gsrealty@singnet.com.sg
Hill Gold Pte Ltd 68484572 hillgold@singnet.com.sg
Homeland Management Services Pte Ltd 64408100 homeland@starhub.net.sg
Homex Agency 91455583 sofiasee@singnet.com.sg
Jireh Housing 63482919 jireh168@singnet.com.sg
KJ Realty 63630510 kjrealty@singnet.com.sg
L & W Realty 96372687 lwrealty@singnet.com.sg
Lengsernchew Housing Agency 92386056 lengson@singnet.com.sg
Lock Property Consultants Pte Ltd 62214221 lockprop@pacific.net.sg
Mavim Realty Pte Ltd 63443887 mv5430@yahoo.com
McDowell Realty Network 67442611 larrywangsy@yahoo.co.uk
Pinnacle Properties Pte Ltd 67269835 info@damien.com.sg
Prime Management Service 62423088 DrPSTan@singnet.com.sg
REA Real Estate Associates Pte. Ltd. 64433188 philip@rea.com.sg
SH Properties 62839518 emilyfsh@hotmail.com
Sing Kong Real Estate 63105638 fwtsang@singnet.com.sg
SPR Realty 63271191 maxrentprop@gmail.com
STAR PROjECT 64446456 starproject@pacific.net.sg
Texan Associates Pte Ltd 93837311 michael8330@yahoo.com.sg
The One Property Services 90687147 keng_chiow@yahoo.com.sg
Vibes Realty 65836118 laukkeon@starhub.net.sg
Visa Property Pte Ltd /
Roof Real Estate Group Pte Ltd
6425-1155 x 13 davelau@roof.com.sg
West Land 97473330 landwest@singnet.com.sg
Wild Wild West Properties Pte Ltd 97991600 songhin@singnet.com.sg